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Data Segmentation is a Key

Your talent database is a precious asset and it’s essential that every recruiter is aware of what kind of talent they have in their immediate reach. The talent that you have captured shows how successful your employment branding and past recruitment efforts have been. Were you able to attract relevant people? Can you see candidates that you would consider for future positions? What kind of candidates have you been able to attract easily? Answers to these can affect future campaign messaging and even CV sources.


Your talent database also informs you about the effort you need to expend for future business needs. For example, your business might be expanding horizontally into new industries and has openings across the board. You would need to know how many of your candidates have the matching industry experience but more importantly, how are those candidates distributed in terms of Career Level i.e. between junior level candidates, mid-level managers and higher executives. This information is crucial for planning upcoming sourcing strategies.


So, how can you get this data with Talentera? Say hello to “Segmentation reports”.




Our new segmentation report allows you to break down candidate data by different dimensions giving you a quick window into insights you need. The idea is similar to Excel’s pivot tables where you can quickly create a two dimensional view of your data. More specifically, you’ll be able to slice and dice your candidate pool by Industry, Job Role, Degree, Nationality, Monthly Salary Range, Career lever and Gender.



It’s super simple! Start with selecting a primary criterion that you want to base your analysis on and then select a number of secondary criteria by which you wish to further break down the data. And presto! You instantly get a tabular sheet that displays one dimension against values of the other.


For example, say you wanted to see the gender breakdown by industry. Select “Gender” as your primary criteria and “Industry” as the secondary. The resulting sheet shows the number of candidates in each Industry broken down by how many of those are male compared to female.

Need to process these stats further or share them across? No problem. You can export the report into an Excel sheet with a click.


We hope the feature helps you out. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, we would love to hear how you plan to use this feature for your purposes.


The New Jobs Listing and Summarized Overview

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated new jobs dashboard!


Transform how you source and manage your applicants’ pipeline, and experience an upgraded job posting and listing experience like never before.


How? Allow us to demonstrate:


To help best manage jobs listing, the design has been revamped and relevant jobs’ data grouped together in one place for easy access and referencing.




Now you can see all you need to know about your jobs and your entire applicant pipeline for each job post in one glance. Also benefit from the convenience of taking quick actions on a specific job, or filter your jobs to narrow down your jobs view to a specific criteria.


See a Quick Overview of your jobs.

All you need to know about you jobs is now in one place. Total number of aaplicants, job status , job owner , days left to expire job



View your Sourcing Progress for all jobs From the Jobs Dashboard

View how many candidates are in each stage at any time. You can even navigate to them directly to view candidates CVs.

Narrow down your jobs view to a Specific Criteria

Filter jobs by job status, where it is being sourced, job location or the job owner.


Take Quick Actions

Place your mouse on the more button to find more actions you can take on a job. You can share your job with a teammate or duplicate the job post to make a similar one.


More Details

Reveal more details about your job hovering the more details, see how many times the job has been viewed or searched by job seekers.


Coming Soon – New Job Posting Revamp

Announcing New Job Posting Revamp

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated job posting revamp!

Transform how you source and manage your applicants’ pipeline, and experience an upgraded job posting and listing experience like never before.

How? Allow us to demonstrate:

Job Posting Made Simple

To help you pick up the pace in creating job postings for your next all-star team, we have broken the process into three easy steps:



Step 1: Explain to the applicants what the job is and the kind of candidate you’re seeking. 

Step 2: Setup your applicant settings to help us screen out irrelevant candidates.

Step 3: Advertise your job on various job boards and portals to reach out to job seekers. 




 The Job Dashboard Reinvented

See an overview of your job performance with the new job dashboard. All you need to know or do regarding a specific job is now available in one place. You are now able to see a full overview of the job; The job title, reference id, location, owner, the creation date and the job status. In addition to that you can take direct actions on the job such as activate/deactivate, edit, share and more.


Moreover, we have included quick access to Candidate, Recommended profiles and job history where you can have relative view for what you are looking for.


Applicants:List of all applicants that have applied or moved to the job so you never lose track.

Recommended Candidates: Recommended matches that fit your requirements now appear in a new tab. Save time and explore talent without having to conduct searches, or lose time waiting for job seekers to approach you.



Import CVs from Documents

Have you struggled with walk-in CV submissions? Wondered what is the best way to save a candidate’s profile for a future vacancy that may be on the horizon? Have you posted a job opening just to receive a large quantity of applicants, but not quite the right quality?


Now you can easily add a new candidate’s details manually, or import candidates’ CVs from a file to directly add them to your talent pool. The imported CVs’ information will be automatically parsed along with the original documents attached and the candidate’s profiles will be created on the fly.


Add New Candidate



Imported candidates are easily searchable; search for your sourced candidates at a later time, or simply move an imported candidate to a specific job.


Invite Candidates

Moreover, you can communicate with imported candidates throughout your career portal by extending invites to complete their profiles. If candidates show interest in joining your team , they can respond to your invitation, verify their CV details, and then apply to your jobs or respond to your questionnaires.


Top talent awaits the opportunity to work with you; simply import your walk-in CVs, source for the best hiring options available, and carry your recruitment process from your own portal with absolute precision and efficiency.


Coming Soon –  Import candidate from linked-in 

Now We Are Talking

We are excited to announce the release of Private Messaging capability – job seekers and recruiters can now chat online and send real time messages.


To enable this feature for your job seekers’ community, go to your chat settings and select your job seeker group to enable incoming messages from.




When messaging is enabled, the option to initiate chat will be clearly displayed to job seekers and employers. 




To further add to the convenience, you can also specify the sub users who can participate in the chat rooms. 


When a job seeker sends a message, a chat notification will be displayed to all the sub users with a chat role where they can open the chat room window and participate in the conversation.





Review your Recruitment Process with Precision

The recruitment process report provides a comprehensive summary of your recruitment process efficiency and performance. Improve hiring speed, decision making quality and department productivity by gaining access to powerful statistics that reveal:


  1. Average time taken to hire (average time taken to fill an available position)
  2. Average time taken to reject applicant (average time taken to move candidate from any stage to the rejected stage)
  3. The bottleneck stage (the most time consuming stage slowing your hiring process, and the associated percentage indicating excess time spent on it compared to the average)

Recruitment Process Report


The report also reveals detailed insights breaking down your recruitment process from one stage to the next. The example below is a demonstration of how this feature will show the progress to move CVs from time of application to the final verdict.

Recruitment Process Report


With such insights at hand, you can now measure how efficient your hiring process is e.g. answer questions like “what stages are taking exceptionally long” or “how fast am I able to hire per department?”

Enhanced Reporting Features- Understand Your Talent

Our reports have been improved to accelerate your hiring process; insights regarding your talent breakdown, strongest CV sources and applicant status updates are now just a few seconds away.

1.     Talent Trend Report

Using the Talent Trend report, you can narrow down your talent pool with precision. With preferred filters such as the job seekers’ registration date, job posting, and CV source (to name a few), your available candidates will then be illustrated in different visual charts based on important criteria such as gender, nationality, years of experience, educational qualification, residence location, CV source and top majors.
This visualization helps identify key factors that influence decision making, meanwhile helping assess talent quality.


Talent charts4


2.     Talent Source Report

You are now equipped with the power to identify leading sources of job seeker traffic, for example direct email, friend referrals, or newspapers. Defining your top CV sources enables you to enhance your ROI by investing in the most effective channels to maintain a compelling competitive positioning.
The information is broken down based on your top 10 CV sources that are presented in a column chart, providing job seekers’ insights based on three events: registration, CV completions and current applications for available vacancies.

top cv sources


To make talent source comparisons even more performance focused, the number of candidates for any selected CV source will be displayed along with the conversion percentage from the previous stage.


3.    Candidate Progress Timeline

Zoom-in on the efficiency of your hiring process; the timeline reflects all decision-making stages ranging from the date the job seeker “applied”, to current day status with utmost transparency. Date of update and the recruiter-in-charge can also be reviewed to ensure business priorities are being proactively pursued.



Progress Timeline



4.    Document Requests Report

No more mystery regarding documents; view the the document status, the document request date and the recruiter-in-charge all in one report so you can initiate the necessary actions and follow-ups.