Feature Update: Talent Sourcing – SMS Integration

Feature Update: Talent Sourcing – SMS Integration



Text messaging is an effective way to reach out for candidates. It’s prompt, it’s personal and you don’t need an internet connection to be receive a message. Therefore, we had already provided our clients with the ability to send text messages to a prospective candidates during talent sourcing. However, some clients preferred to communicate with their job-seekers through text messages to convey other messages as well. They oftentimes had their own set packages with SMS providers and were keen on preserving them.
The Fix: Configurable Messaging Settings
The messaging module can now be enabled on setting up a new BCC with a variety of service providers such as Souktel, Beecell, Unifonic and Jawal SMS. If the client has one of our integrated providers, the messaging module can be enabled for them in no time.



To add to this, it only takes a few clicks to define the purpose of using this service. Some available touch points being:
1. Contacting Job-seeker



2. Verifying the job-seeker’s phone number and marking it accordingly



3. Enabling a job-seeker to reset their passwords via SMS



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